General Services

Here, in a nutshell, is what McFarland-Troutman-Proffitt Funeral Home offers: funeral planning, cremation with memorial services, music, eulogies and remembrances that can be custom-tailored to your needs. We also offer preplanning for everyone’s peace of mind. We arrange traditional and non-traditional funeral services for families of all faiths and backgrounds. McFarland-Troutman-Proffitt Funeral Home even offers a permanent memorialization and marker service. The options for funeral style and size are almost unlimited. If there is a service available for a funeral, we can provide it for you.

Veterans Benefits

McFarland-Troutman-Proffitt Funeral Home believes the men and women who served in the American military deserve the best. Honorably discharged veterans are respected in memory with benefits including cemetery property and burial allowances, headstone, flag and financial contribution. Benefits to veterans may include a cemetery plot and burial allowances and a custom headstone. Families of veterans also receive a full-size burial flag. Occasionally, survivors are eligible for a family financial contribution. Veteran’s death benefits can be complex, but McFarland-Troutman-Proffitt Funeral Home will be proud and happy to help you through the entire process. And, help you plan a meaningful service. 

A Death Away From Home.

We are there to help you when a death occurs away from home. We are available day or night, no matter what the hour. Let us handle all arrangements, even in the area where the death took place. Our staff will make all the necessary steps to bring your loved one home.



The time after a funeral can be difficult. That’s why McFarland-Troutman-Proffitt has close ties with support groups and services that help with grief. Holidays can be especially hard, so take advantage of all McFarland-Troutman-Proffitt has to offer. Because when the funeral process ends, the healing process begins.

We understands this and work for you and your family to take the steps that move people beyond the pain of loss. Resolve grieving with time-tested physical, emotional and thought methods of recovery.